Fabio De Sousa



Calma is a quarterly sustainable self care subscription that supports women-owned independent makers. Every three months, you get a care package of sustainably-sourced products to take your self care routine to the next level. Everything comes in recyclable, compostable, or reusable packaging, so you don't need to worry about your environmental impact (plus, Calma purchases carbon offsets to cover shipping emissions).

While my wife Ali built the business, brand, and design, I put together the front-end (with GatsbyJS) and back-end (Firebase + Stripe, and inventory tracking in Airtable). It has been a great opportunity to put everything I've learned about modern lightweight development in one package.

Update: Of course, part of building things is knowing when it makes more sense to not build something yourself. After delivering the first box using our self-made infrastructure, we decided it made the most sense to switch over to Shopify.