It's Time to Take the Bus

I started taking the bus to and from work recently. Me being the way I am, that also means that I've started timing how much time the bus spends moving, at lights/in traffic, and at bus stops. Right now I've only got one data point, and I'm not sure if something like this already gets measured automatically by each bus (my guess: no), but it's easy enough to measure and an interesting exercise regardless.

2018-10-23 1 Bus from Florida Ave and Jackson St. to Florida Ave and Mohawk Ave:

  • Got on bus at ~5:21PM
  • 9m 11s moving
  • 4m 21s at bus stops
  • 11m 35s at traffic lights
  • Got off bus at ~5:47PM


  • A significant chunk (50+%) of the time spent at lights was at Florida Ave and Hillsborough Ave
  • The bus was much more crowded than it usually is when I get on closer to 6PM (as would be expected)

I'll see if I can (and want to) keep recording this to see how the distribution of travel time changes depending on when I get on, what day of the week it is, what the weather is like, etc.