Mid-year Life Update: Moving and Moving On

My birthday is on June 14 (which I share with Flag Day and a certain POTUS), and I think the combination of the usual birthday reflection and approaching the mid-point of the year always makes me particularly pensive. I remember everything I thought I'd do in January, I take stock of how the year has gone so far (hint: I'm usually not a resolute resolutions person), and I think about the second half of the year that is rapidly approaching.

What I usually don't do is write about it, but enough has happened so far this year that I think it's worth it to do a recap.


  • Ali and I got engaged!


  • Honestly, it was a blur (see: January)
  • I do remember painting an apartment a full month before we moved in
  • Also Ali and her mom planned ~80% of the wedding in a week. It was incredible.


  • Vacation in Europe! (Budapest and Paris are lovely)
  • We moved back to Tampa! (~48 hours after returning from Europe)
  • I drove a 16ft moving truck! (I hate driving, a lot of personal growth happened that day)


  • Got settled in
  • Learned a ton of React Native
  • Became a bit of a recluse


  • Made a lot of progress on Uptime
  • Realized that gathering addresses for wedding invitations is a painful process
  • Started getting hyped for the World Cup waaaaaay too early


  • Completed my VFA Fellowship
  • Birthday
  • World Cup!
  • Left my job (more on that later)
  • Re-built my site in GatsbyJS
  • Started freelancing (more on that later)
  • Uptime advanced to the finals of Alabama Launchpad

So yeah, a lot has happened. I'm looking forward to what the rest of the year has in store. In particular, this is what I think will be the major points:

  • Getting married in September(!)
  • Honeymoon in Lisbon
  • Continuing to work on Uptime Dynamics
  • Continuing to build a client base for my freelance work (contact me if you'd like to work together!)
  • Looking for the right full-time opportunity (seriously, let's grab coffee)